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Machete is a quick and easy lossless video editor. Currently, Machete can edit AVI, WMV, MP4
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7 December 2011

Editor's review

Owing to the complexity shown by various video editing tools, the process often turns out to be a hectic affair for novice users. However, if you begin with some simple utility, it would be much helpful to learn some essential editing functions in order to move on to advanced tools. In such case, instead of browsing through large number of websites, you should simply give a try to Machete. The utility facilitates you in editing your video files effectively for removing the unwanted video segments, mix/join videos, create video clips, along with performing other such functions. It functions in a manner similar to Video Splitter and Joiner to help you create new mix videos or form clips of various impressive video scenes. The program even supports storing audio and video as separate files, saving video frames as bitmap image file, and adding or replacing audio stream in WMV format video file.

Using the Machete you can process video and audio files with AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA along with likes of XviD, DivX, DV, AC3, and more in an effortless manner. Load a video for editing purpose, which can be played using the in-built player. The player controls are provided at the bottom side, which include options for moving to beginning, previous/next key frame, previous/next frame, play, pause, stop and the option to jump to specific time you want to watch the video from. The tools for editing purpose have been provided at program console’s bottom side. Using the tools, you can set the start and end point for selecting a specific video segment to form a new clip or go delete it from the video. You can anytime go the beginning or end of the selected segment, and clear, cut, copy, or paste the selected area as per requirement. Even, you can insert a file within an already loaded video at the specific time. When you’ve made the changes, yon can stream the save the altered video or also can stream audio and video into separate files.

With the Machete 3.2 you can conveniently slice your videos and form clip, merge, simple edit them within in fewer steps. The utility imparts various easily operable features, which support smooth and effective functioning making it deserve 3 rating points.

Publisher's description

Machete is a quick and easy video editor. It is an ideal solution for simple "slicing" of your video files: you can delete unnecessary fragments (e.g. cut out commercials), copy, move, mix and save individual pieces. This means that Machete combines functionality of both a video splitter (cutter, trimmer) and a video joiner (for joining video files with the exactly the same formats) and more. Additional functions available: ability to extract and save video and audio streams as separate files, ability to add/replace audio stream in AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and FLV files and ability to save a video frame as a bitmap (.bmp) file. You can also view and edit file tags (metadata) associated with any of the supported media formats.
Currently, Machete can edit AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, WMA, MP3, WAV and FLV files (most video and audio codecs are supported: DV, DivX, XviD, H.264 (AVC), WMV, MSS, WMA, MP3, AC3, AAC and others). Support for more video formats will be added in future versions.
The program's key feature is that editing of a video file is performed without re-encoding (so-called lossless editing). This not only saves time, but also prevents loss of video or audio quality. Also, it means that you would not need a powerful and expensive computer to edit your video material. After a file is edited and saved, it retains its original format.
The program does not require installation of any special codecs for multimedia editing in addition to regular decoders that are needed for video viewing and audio playback. You don't need any special skills or advanced knowledge to edit video with Machete.
Version 3.8
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